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Jute Division




Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd.


Anwar Specialized Jute Goods Ltd.


Jute is an indigenous crop plant used from time immemorial for various domestic, household, and farmyard uses. Similar to that of cotton's principal chemical constituent components, jute is also the second most important natural fiber in the world, next only to cotton. Also known as the "Golden Fiber," other important characteristics of jute includes its silky luster, gold-like color, high tensile strength and low extensibility. Bangladesh has a distinct agro ecological comparative advantage in production of jute. With increasing environmental awareness, eco-friendly and biodegradable jute products are gaining popularity globally for effective retardation of ecological degradation due to the green house effect.

Over centuries, jute has developed from simple origins to an efficient raw material for industrial and technical fabrics and products. Our end product Jute Yarn, is used in widespread areas of fabric manufacturing for the automotive industry, base cloth for floor coverings, fabrics for natural fiber reinforced composites, upholstery and home furnishing, carpeting, construction, agriculture, horticulture, soil saver for erosion control, packaging and many more.

Equipped with the most advanced technology, equipment, and human resource available for R&D and production of Jute Yarn, ANWAR is specially designed to meet the requirements of quality conscious customers and their increasing demand of production efficiency using high speed CRM, CRT, and CRX Looms by Van de Wiele and also for the Axminster Looms used mainly in the carpeting or floor covering industry. Product development is done over a detailed analysis of requirements, as well as an intensive dialogue on site with customers. We rely not only on our own know-how, but also have extensive contacts with individual researchers and institutions nationally and internationally for knowledge transfer.

ANWAR's top-notch uncompromising product quality and punctual deliveries are essential for our customers, and thus remains a matter of principle for us. Extensive measures and a highly developed Quality Control program guarantee the satisfaction of our end users. Our proficiently stocked raw material and finished goods warehouse allow shortest possible turnaround time to customer requests.

Established in 1997, ANWAR remains as a fully export oriented organization. Current product range of ANWAR consists of high grade jute yarn ranging from grist count 2.50 Lbs to 96 Lbs of 15,000 M. tones per annum, with a vision to attain a production level of 30,000 M. tones per annum in jute yarn only by the year 2010. Unique innovations at ANWAR have enabled us to process natural jute yarn into bleached, dyed, coated, water repellant, fire retardant, wrought resistant, and more diversifications. Our distinctive multi system finishing process provides the flexibility to our buyers with the option of packing their spools in weight ranging from 500 gm in mini-spools, balls, and careless spools, to 40 kg in Jumbo Spools with wooden, paper, or plastic centers, and finally packed in cartons, trusses, or pallets.

Our successful endeavor in jute is engraved mainly by our customers, suppliers, and personnel. It is the close co­operation among us all that has enabled the development & production of individualized technical and industrial natural jute yarn for numerous applications. In accordance with specific demands of our valued customers, we deliver natural jute yarn.


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